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Your Home Spring Cleaning Guide

Posted by: Regent Homes, on May 17, 2016

home cleaningThere is something so refreshing about opening the windows of your house after a long, cold winter. But, with the breeze comes the stirring of dust, and no one looks forward to that!

Spring cleaning for the home is important because you are not only cleaning up the dust and dirt that has accumulated, but also keeping up with your home maintenance. Today, we are going to help you tackle your list with some spring cleaning tips you can do this weekend to help freshen up the look and feel of your home.

Spring cleaning tips for your home

  1. Clean your kitchen cabinets – This might be one place you have not thought of cleaning, but you should. Between grease that splashes up when cooking, and dirty fingers that open and close them day in and day out, your cabinets can definitely use some TLC. There are a lot of great cleaners you can find at your local home improvement stores to clean wood and remove the dirt and grime. Once they’re clean, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier!
  2. Wash your windows – While taking some window cleaner to the inside of the window does help, we recommend taking it one step further and washing the outside of your windows too. You would not believe how much dust and dirt can stick to your windows. Consider doing this on an overcast day so you have time to rinse before the sun dries out the cleaner.
  3. Deep clean your oven – After the holidays, your oven is probably in need of a good deep cleaning. Between baking and cooking, there may be a lot of hardened food stuck to the oven. Vinegar and baking soda can act as a cleaner, or you could stop by the store for a good oven cleaner. Trust us, you will love the way your oven looks after you finish.
  4. Steam clean your carpets – Whether you own a carpet cleaner or you hire a professional, this is definitely a spring cleaning must! Have you ever stopped to think about all the dirt and germs tracked inside our home from our shoes? It’s gross! It is important to steam clean carpets at least 3-4 times per year. This will also help to remove allergens and pet dander (if you own pets) that can cause allergies. Plus, your home will smell amazing and feel fresh!
  5. Clean your grout and tile – Keeping your grout and tile clean not only helps to eliminate bacteria and mold growth, but instantly brightens your space, too. This might take longer than just one weekend, but once it is finished it will look like you have brand new tile and floors. Talk about an instant update!
  6. Wash your window treatments – If you have blinds and curtains, you will not want to neglect this area of your home. A large amount of dust settles here, and the minute you open the windows the breeze will stir it around within your home. Wash your curtains and take a warm, damp towel and soap to your blinds and say goodbye to the dust.
  7. Don’t forget your gutters – While we recommend removing the majority of the leaves right before the winter arrives (usually after leaves have fallen), sometimes there are leaves that still get caught up in the gutters. With the spring rains, this can cause the gutters to become clogged, making for a messy situation. Remove any debris so they can properly drain the water when the spring rains roll in.
  8. Clean your patio furniture – Just like you would clean your couch cushions, you want to get your patio furniture nice and clean. With the spring and summer comes a lot of patio dining and you don’t want to be sitting on dirty, dusty patio furniture. Since most patio furniture is stored in a shed or garage for the winter, it could probably use a good cleaning.
  9. Rid your flower beds of weeds – Spring cleaning for the home doesn’t just mean the inside of your home. Your flower beds and garden could most likely use a little TLC, too! Before you prepare your flower beds for new flowers, pull any weeds that have overgrown to make room for the pretty things, like fresh flowers.
  10. Wash your bedding – While you may swap out your sheets every week or so, the comforter and even the pillows themselves might not get the same treatment. If you have a large load washer, go ahead and throw the pillows in there along with the comforter. If you don’t have a washer that can hold this capacity, have them professionally cleaned. Nothing feels better than knowing you are crawling into a perfectly cleaned bed at night.

When it comes to all the areas you could spring clean in your home, the list can be quite long. Once you tackle this list, look around your home for other areas you might not think about cleaning on a regular basis. This list might take you a couple weekends to complete, but we can guarantee once it’s done your home will have a renewed sense of freshness about it!

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