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These Interior Design Trends will be Popular

Posted by: Regent Homes, on October 17, 2016

Interior Design Trends Are you bored with your home’s interior? Would you like to jazz it up so that it reflects the latest interior styles? Let us help. We’ve identified some of the biggest trends you can expect to see.

1. Mixed Metals

Where once people would shy away from using metals in multiple hues, that’s no longer the case. Today’s latest homes use metals in all colors to create bright, beautiful, shiny finishes. Think brass, gold, nickel, and silver. Place items made with these materials strategically around a room to give it a sophisticated, upscale look.

2. Vintage or Retro Look

As more and more people become concerned about the planet, recycled items are growing in popularity. While you’ll still find plenty of homes with a contemporary feel, expect to see a greater number of homes decorated with thrift store pieces, unique finds that date back to a certain era in history, and furniture that’s been “rescued” from a garage sale for refinishing.

3. The Color Green

For years, the Japanese have engaged in a practice called forest bathing. Basically, forest bathing consists of a contemplative walk in the woods to experience the beauty and serenity of nature. As we become more aware of the important benefits of spending time outside, people are decorating their homes to bring the outdoors indoors. Expect to see an increasing number of homes decorated in green or blue-green hues to reflect this trend.

4. Art-Inspired Wallpaper

While painting is always popular, there’s been a resurgence in the use of wallpaper. Forget that velvet-flocked wallpaper that was prevalent in the 70s. Today’s art-inspired wallpaper looks more like beautiful murals. And rather than being covered in velvet, the wallpaper you’ll see in 2017 comes in unique textures like seagrass and rice paper.

5. Fabric Bedheads

If you’ve ever watched a movie made in the 40s and 50s, you probably recall that every glamorous leading lady had a large fabric headboard. It was the ultimate in luxury. For those of you reminiscing for the “good old days,” this trend is right up your alley. Expect to see lots of sumptuous headboards covered in satin, velvet, and tweed. While many of these headboards call to mind a style referred to as Hollywood Regency, there are plenty of beautiful fabric headboards with a more contemporary look.

Having read about the trends, are you excited to update your home or do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect? Many people feel a mixture of both—while they love the idea of refreshing their home’s interior, they don’t know where to begin. If that sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place! As a home builder and a remodeling specialist, we can help you to create or redesign your home so it compliments your lifestyle and reflects the latest design trends.

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