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Tips for Safely Decorating Your New Home This Christmas

Posted by: Regent Homes, on December 18, 2014

Home Christmas DecorationsThe first Christmas in your new home is always so exciting. You’re ready to bust out the lights and wrap every pole, window, and eave. You’re looking for the tallest tree you can fit in your living room.

But slow down a second. Don’t go all Clark Griswold on your new home. Take a moment to read through these safety tips. That way this Christmas won’t be the ONLY Christmas you spend in your new home.

Use Power Strips

They have built in fuses, so over-loaded lighting (especially lights wrapped around your tree) won’t trip circuits. This also makes it easier to shut off lights at night. One switch lets you power down multiple lights at once.

Keep Your Tree Watered and Away from Heat Sources

The last thing you want is for it to dry out. Check the water regularly and keep it away from fireplaces and heaters. Also, make sure it’s in a sturdy stand, so it won’t tip over.

Use Non-Combustible Decorations on Your Tree

If you’re using an artificial tree, check its label to verify it is fire retardant. And never, ever put candles on a tree – artificial or real.

Use Different Outlets for Your Lights

Or understand how many you can string together in one outlet. Newer LED lighting draws fewer watts, meaning you can attach more in one circuit, but one of the biggest dangers in holiday lighting is still overloaded circuits that short out and spark. This goes for indoor and outdoor lights!

Use a Proper Step-Stool or Ladder when Decorating

Don’t use tables or chairs to climb. Make sure someone else is on hand to secure the ladder, and wear shoes or boots with slip-resistant soles.

Blow Out Candles!

Many families love burning candles during the holidays, either for religious purposes or for fun holiday scents. It’s easy to forget them, so make sure you blow out each flame before heading up to bed.

There you go, Clark! Follow these safety tips to ensure you’ll still have a festive, but safe holiday in your new home.

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