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Punch up your Palette – Color your home Pretty

Posted by: Regent Homes, on May 3, 2013

Set the Tone for your Home Sweet Home

Green not your color? A trip to the hardware store left you scratching your head in confusion? Sometimes, adding a bit of color to your living space can also seem overwhelming especially with a smorgasbord of hues that paint is available in.

So how do you pick a palette that is distinctly you? Add a bit of psychology in the mix and you can’t go wrong with the following colors:


The color yellow has often been associated with optimism and happiness. It has also been known to stimulate your creative side. You can go about painting your patio furniture in sunshine yellow. Just make sure not to go overboard and tone the look down with some white accents.

This does not mean that you paint your bedroom bright yellow. The room gets enough sunshine during the day and might make you stay up all night. After all, the aim of picking a color palette for your home décor is to determine the types of colors or hues that would be suit a living space best.


Red exudes passion. A dash of red hues can add a hint of drama to any room when used generously. On the other hand, a touch can warm up a place. Your aim is to choose colors that will affect your mood and anyone else who walks in on your living space. For example, shades like velvet red can make a reading corner look more intimate.


Orange might make you remember the 70’s but the color will suit a modern 21 st century home just as well provided you know what shade you should go for. Picking the right shade of orange can be a tricky matter which is why most homeowners do not prefer going down that route.

A terra cotta or deep orange shade is a great option for a study. A study or home office that is painted a deep orange will seem cozy by night and emit an energizing aura by day. Just don’t get too ambitious and choose bright orange. There is a reason why homeowners give the color a wide berth after all.


Many homeowners choose colors that would add a comfortable and inviting look to a living space which is why the color blue is a favorite. For example, a light glacier blue with chrome accents would make a space look serene. If light isn’t your style, a dark sapphire blue will be sure to make a powerful statement. However, such a dark color isn’t for everyone especially those who like to entertain company on a regular basis. If you absolutely have to have this particular color choose it for a more private room.

Adding color to your home is a great way to distinguish your interior. Be sure to plan your colors according to your personality and your entertainment need, and always test your paint selections in an inconspicuous spot before you put a brush on your walls. Don’t be afraid to add color to your walls, but do so intentionally and with a critical eye.

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