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Nooks for Your Books – Creative Ways to Display Your Favorite Reads

Posted by: Regent Homes, on June 29, 2013

In today’s increasingly digital world, there’s something nostalgic about the look, feel, and even smell of a hardcopy book. More over, books make great props for bringing your space to life, injecting personality and stories into your room. Guests will find instant conversation starters hanging on your shelves, so it’s best to not cram your reads into a few shelves. With a beautiful custom home, the inside needs personality too! Here are a few, creative ideas for building bookshelves worthy of conversation:

Book Pipeline
Having a more industrial space (think exposed brick walls, or an industrial city loft), consider installing piping to use as a bookshelf. Opt for old, iron piping and have fun with the elbows to create a unique design that stacks your books on the wall.





Books, Hangman Style
Great for a country style home, use threaded string or rope to hang your favorite reads. Knot the rope into a small wooden slat at the bottom, and the books will have plenty of support, ensuring that they are kept in great condition and the pages are unbent.


Repurpose that Old Ladder
Find an old, wooden folding ladder and anchor it to an unused corner of your room. Stack books horizontal and vertical to give an extra volume effect. Ladder bookshelves are great for large, open rooms.




Make the Shelves Disappear
Use L-shaped brackets, and offset their placement on your walls. The result will be floating books, not floating shelves. Stack books on top of each other for a nice full effect. For extra character, place pictures and small trinkets on the top of each book.




Shelves don’t have to be predictable.
Books are treasures; relics from adventures we’ve gone on, things we’ve discovered and learned, and things that resonate with our hearts. Those books shouldn’t hide on cluttered shelves. They should be given focus and personality in your space.

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