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Getting Your Backyard “Spring” Ready

Posted by: Regent Homes, on March 21, 2016

well groomed backyardWith spring knocking on our door, we cannot help but to be excited for what the warmer weather will bring. It means that the flowers will start blooming, the grass will begin to turn a brighter shade of green, and the days will begin to get longer – all of which means more time to spend outdoors! One thing many homeowners like to start doing around this time is yard prepping. Its important to start prepping your yard and flower beds early so that they will be ready for blooming mid-April.

Are you unsure about where to start or what exactly you should do to prep your backyard? No worries, we have created a checklist of backyard tips you can follow to get your backyard looking nice in no time!

10 Backyard Tips for your Lawn and Garden

  1. Rake, Rake, Rake – First of all, be sure to remove any leaves left over from fall. Also rake up any dead grass that has accumulated around flower beds and fencing. After you have finished raking, sprinkle a thin layer of aged compost to promote healthy grass growth.
  2. Clear Out the Weeds – You may have missed pulling late-sprouting weeds that popped up during the fall, so the next step is to make sure to get all of that up and out of the flower beds and garden. Remove or cut down any perennial foliage and throw it into a compost pile.
  3. Take Inventory of Gardening and Lawn Tools – Check all of the gardening tools, lawn equipment and other necessary tools and make sure they are still in good working order. If they need any cleaning or maintenance, now would be a great time to do that. If you have watering hoses or an irrigation system, make sure you check these as well.
  4. Prune Your Bushes and Trees -If you have any broken, diseased or dead limbs hanging from your trees, now is the time to cut those off! Also, cut back bushes that have overgrown and any dead branches that may be hanging around.
  5. Clean Off Your Patio – Your patio or deck should be an extension of your indoor space, so why not give it as much TLC as you possibly can? Brush away any dirt, leaves, and other debris that might have accumulated over the past five months, and give it a good spraying and cleaning. You can purchase brick and wood cleaner for your patio or deck at your local home improvement store.
  6. Purchase Bulbs and Seeds – Now is a great time to stock up on new bulbs and seeds that you want to plant. Planting these seeds and bulbs usually occurs in early April.
  7. Fertilize and Seed Your Lawn – Give your grass the nutrients needed to promote healthy, thick grass growth. Fertilize your lawn and seed any areas where grass is sparse or dead.
  8. Clean Off Your Lawn Furniture – The lawn furniture can really take a beating during the late Fall and Winter months, especially if they are left out. Give your furniture a good scrub to eliminate dirt and grime that accumulated over the past several months. Wash off the table surfaces and clean cushions to reveal a cleaner outdoor area.
  9. Prep Your Soil – If you have a garden or flower beds, now is the time to prep the soil. After removing any weeds, till up the soil and add compost. This will get the soil nutrient-rich and ready to plant!
  10. Add Color – If you need to update your patio furniture, consider swapping out your old cushions and umbrella for a new, vibrant color or pattern. This will instantly update the look of your patio. If you are satisfied with your current patio furniture cushions but still want to add more color, consider purchasing hanging baskets or outdoor decor and accent pieces to add more character to your space. By the time spring is in full motion, your lawn and patio will be blooming with color.

I think we can all agree that spring is an exciting time of the year. We hope that these backyard tips have helped to spark some inspiration for your backyard space. Now it is time to get to work!

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