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How to Get the Most Out of Your Garage

Posted by: Regent Homes, on January 15, 2016

Was organizing your home on your New Year’s resolutions list? Don’t forget to add your garage to that list as well! Garages are easy to over look since they usually only serve as a place to park the car. However, they can be utilized for so much more with just a little bit of organization. We are going to show you some awesome garage storage ideas that will help you keep your garage and home organized throughout the year.

garage storage closets

(Attribution: The Idea Room)

Garage Storage Cabinets – Between the kids’ sporting equipment and your husband’s tools, it is easy for clutter to build up in the garage. While there is nothing wrong with keeping those items in the garage, it is a good idea to keep them housed in one, neat spot. These storage cabinets are perfect for organizing and hiding most of the clutter that collects in the garage while still keeping it looking neat and tidy.

garage work bench

(Attribution: Organizing Made Fun)

Gardening Work Bench – When organizing your garage space, it is important to consider its functionality too! A garage can also double as a work space as well as a place to park your car. Whether you choose to create a work bench for all of the ‘Honey Do’ projects on your list or for the gardener in the family, remember to consider how you can use the space to your advantage. This is a great garage utilization idea that would not take up too much room, yet it would add significant value to the space.

garage storage cubes

(Attribution: Dixie Delights Online)

Storage Cubbies – Do your kids seem to fight over sharing everything with their siblings? Give them their very own storage cubbie! This storage idea allows everyone to keep their coats, shoes, or any other items organized so they know exactly where everything is at all times.

garage storage crates

(Attribution: A Bowl Full of Lemons)

Garage Shelving/ Storage Bins – Nothing makes life easier than having perfectly labeled boxes lined up and ready to go right when you need to find something. This is another great garage utilization idea that can free up tons of extra space inside your home. All you need are some shelves (these can be easily purchased or made), storage totes and a label maker, and you are ready to get organized.

tool organization

(Attribution: Ashbee Designs)

Rake and Shovel Storage – When it comes time to rake the leaves and shovel the snow, nothing is more frustrating than digging through piles to find what you need. This garage idea involves cutting PVC pipe and fastening it to the garage wall for easy, upright storage. Now your rakes and shovels will not end up in a messy pile on the garage floor!

overhead garage storage

(Attribution: A Bowl Full of Lemons)

Overhead Storage – Do the walls of your garage seem to be closing in? Is it hard to find any more space for new storage? When you have exhausted all the wall space, do not forget to look up! Adding storage racks on the ceiling is a great way to utilize your garage storage space. Overhead racks and shelves are great for holding bicycles and storage boxes that you only need once a year, like Christmas decor, for example.

All of these ideas are great DIY garage ideas that any home owner can achieve. All you need is a Saturday afternoon, a few supplies, and you are ready to go! By adding storage and creating more functionality in your garage space, you can significantly improve the organization in the rest of your home. Also, you will be able to move some things that were taking up space inside your home to the garage, and who couldn’t use a little extra free space inside the home?

We hope that this post has inspired you to create a beautifully organized garage space of your own!

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