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Should You Buy a Custom or a Previously Owned Home?

Posted by: Regent Homes, on November 17, 2014

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Anyone searching for a new home wants to find the perfect property, best suited to their personal needs and family requirements. Choosing a custom-built home gives the buyer the control needed to create their dream home, with the style, design and finish that is uniquely their own. Of course, it’s possible to find great pre-lived in houses, with a variety of amenities and fittings, but there’s always the possibility that major repairs or alterations could be needed at a later date.

Benefits of Custom-Built Homes Over Pre-Lived In Homes

The major problem with pre-lived in properties is that buyers purchase their homes “as seen.” Many houses look great when they are marketed, but it’s only after the move in date that small faults and maintenance issues come to light. With custom-built properties, that will never be a problem as every appliance and fitment within the home is brand new. Cover up paint jobs and botched repairs that last a couple of months will not come to light once the house is lived in. Buyers of custom-built homes can expect their builder to display attention to detail throughout the building process, with an emphasis on customer service and ensuring the home fits the buyer specification in every way.

Advantages of a Custom-Built Home Include:

  • Choice of the best building plots and land, uniquely suited to the needs of the individual and family
  • 100 percent control of the building or design process
  • A home built entirely to customer specifications and vision
  • Options to alter specification at all times during construction process
  • Constructed using most modern technologies and building materials and are more energy-efficient
  • Complete involvement and full communications throughout the design and build process
  • Support from experienced and professional designers to create the perfect home
  • Selection, purchase and installation of exterior fittings and finishes, interior fitments, countertops, cabinetry and finishes

Purchasing a custom-built home gives the buyer the best choice for creating their perfect home environment. Builders and designers schedule regular meetings with buyers to ensure the home is adhering to all functional and comfort requirements, incorporating amendments and redesigns into ongoing build activities. Although it may take longer to create the dream home environment than simply buying a pre-lived in home, the benefits of custom-built cannot be stressed enough.

Nothing beats the thrill of moving into a new custom-built property. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that nobody has lived in the home before and that all the fittings, appliances and accessories have been chosen with care. The color scheme and design of the complete home will be harmonious and totally reflective of the home environment the buyer wishes to create. If you want help building your dream home, contact us today!

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