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Benefits of Inventory Homes

Posted by: Regent Homes, on February 27, 2013

A new custom-built home, designed by the buyer, is exactly what brings the home buyer to the builder’s table. The buyer enjoys picking out their designs, colors, flooring, and surfaces. However, sometimes things fall through. When a builder builds a custom home for a client, he expects that the money for the project will come through too. When there is a problem and the buyer cannot go through with the agreement, the builder is left with home inventory. This is a costly problem for the builder.

The inventory homes are new and ready to move into. The builder does not want to be faced with making payments on the property or paying for taxes. He wants the property to move out of his hands quickly. This is where a savvy buyer can get a great deal. The home builder will, often times, list the price of the home for less than its value in order to gain a quick sale. When the buyer purchases the home, he has instant equity in the home. This is a great deal for the buyer and the builder. After the property closes, the builder is out from underneath the burden of holding the inventory, and the buyer owns a home that is worth more than he paid.

Though the buyer of an inventory home will not be picking out the flooring, counter tops, or other details, he has complete view of the finished product. There is no guesswork in terms of layout, if the furniture will fit or wondering how long the completed process will take. Everything is already done. The buyer is purchasing a complete home. For this reason, the closing can be done quickly.

The benefits of inventory homes for homebuyers are appealing and have grown over the years. Many homeowners would not be able to move into a newly built subdivision or manage the time and cost of custom construction. However, by purchasing these inventory homes the work and time is not an issue. The added bonus is that they are buying a home that has all the modern features that newly built homes offer, but the buyer is not paying the premium price for the luxury. These homes are a worthy investment for any home buyer.

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