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Add Modern Flair to Your Traditional Living Space

Posted by: Regent Homes, on April 26, 2013

How you decorate your home reveals a lot about your character and values. Choosing a décor scheme can be a daunting task, especially when you’re busy and on a budget. For a great décor scheme, consider implementing aspects of traditional home structures – pulling lessons from the architecture and lifestyles of traditions past for a modern feel.

Whether you want to go with colonial, country or cottage décor what matters most is consistency. Here’s a quick guide to adding a modern flair to your traditional home:

Ye Olde Colonial

A colonial home exudes classic elegance. Bringing to memory simpler times when families worked the land together and gathered over a dinner table every night, a colonial design scheme is great for people who enjoy life at a slower pace. To make the most of your nod to simpler times, invest in a dark mahogany kitchen table to serve as the focal point of your entire home. Remember that colonial may have old roots, but the contemporary version is about classic taste. Choose palattes, furniture, and accent pieces that are conservative in nature, focusing on pieces that feature robust and grainy woods. Make sure you have a couple of rocking chairs on your back patio.

Country Fixin’s

A country-themed interior is a great choice for people who prefer the artisan roots of southern culture, antiques, and lounging comfort. Country homes are about the simpler things; open windows, fresh breezes, no frills and lots of open space. It’s the simple feel that makes a great environment for entertaining guests, creating an environment where conversation is casual and generally takes place over a cup of coffee. To get back to your rural roots in a contemporary fashion, focus on implementing antique farm-house pieces into your living spaces. Consider adding a kitchen table with benches rather than chairs, and choose muted shades for your color scheme, and place wicker furniture on your porch.

Getaway Cottage

Known for their get-away reputations, cottages are places we go to get away from the hectic nature of our everyday lives. Walk through their doors for a weekend, and you become acutely aware of how wonderful life is without deadlines and task management systems. You may not be able to get rid of your to-do list, but you can come home to a cottage feel each night. For a contemporary cottage feel, implement plush leather furniture and dramatically oversized chairs. Surround your living room with nods to a more relaxed life. Consider putting a small bar or wine cabinet in your living room, and make sure the music can go from room to room. Invest in a couple of pieces of modern art that give the room a sophisticated feel.

The modernist look doesn’t suit every taste. A smart decorator knows how to incorporate certain themes to her advantage even if it means going back in time to simpler eras to gain inspiration for times long passed. Choose a look that fits your personality, stay consistent to your scheme, and you’ll enjoy a modern space without all the weird and uncomfortable furniture.

How would you decorate your Regent Home?

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