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7 Great Website Resources for New Home Owners

Posted by: Regent Homes, on July 31, 2013

You finally moved into your new Regent Homes custom-built home, but now what? Where do you turn when something goes wrong? Who can answer your maintenance questions? We have listed seven great resources that every homeowner should keep at their fingertips. After all, moving in is just the start of the home ownership adventure.

1) House Logic

The people at HouseLogic have you covered when it comes to answering common homeowner questions. This excellent website has articles on everything from preventative maintenance to choosing the right homeowners insurance. There are also excellent articles about green living and remodeling.

2) The Department of Energy

The federal government has some of the best free resources and advice to new homeowners on the Internet. For example, you can download a valuable free guide to saving money on energy costs. The guide provides tips for ensuring your home is energy efficient to ways to trim the utility bills by low impact conservation measures. This website is essential for any homeowners.

3) Angie’s List

Angie’s list is more than your average reviews site.  Their certified data collection system ensures that each review is from someone in your community, not someone sitting behind a marketing desk.  They also have a Complaint Resolution Team which intercedes should a homeowner have a bad experience with a plumber or with a home repair project.


Another excellent federal government site for new homeowners is This site has a great series of links and guides for gardening and landscaping, more energy heating and cooling tips, and resources for new construction and renovation. You can find out your new homes climate zone, the best way to landscape for energy efficiency, soil testing, and much more. The resources are free to use and easy to navigate.

5) Nid Housing Counseling Agency

This amazing not-for-profit is the place to start to maximize your new investment in your home. With well researched articles on stretching your dollars, when to refinance, and how to increase the value of your home, this website is essential for any financially savvy homeowner. There are also articles about what repairs and self-inspections should be done every year and what to look for.


This trusted website brings their critical eye to the world of homeowners insurance. Detailed reviews of the major players are easily viewed on the site. Every company is given a star rating and a list of pros and cons. This site is essential in helping homeowners navigate the complicated world of insurance.


One thing no homeowner wants to think about it is a natural disaster. FEMA has created several checklists and guides to help homeowners prepare for a natural disaster and how to protect their home in the event of a catastrophe. Leveraging the wealth of knowledge on this site, you can be prepared for any natural disasters which may threaten your home.


Make sure to bookmark this post so you will always have these seven essential homeowner resources at your fingertips.  Great home ownership begins with great information!

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