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4 Details that Can Make or Break your Bathroom

Posted by: Regent Homes, on July 18, 2014

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Your home should be comfortable and everything you have ever dreamt of, which means it should be easy to use and fitting for your lifestyle. This is no more apparent than in your bathroom design! Awkward layouts, poor lighting, or a simple lack of space can make your bathroom the most frustrating room in the house. If you’re buying a new home or renovating a bathroom, remember these four details can make or break it.


Bathrooms typically aren’t massive rooms, which means space is sacred. A useful and comfortable bathroom includes enough space to meet your needs. Deep closets should offer storage for towels, sheets, extra toiletries, and cleaning supplies. Recessed shelves behind mirrors give you easy access for your personal toiletries. And enough counter space lets you simply set things down, such as tooth brushes, bottles, combs, hair dryers, or jewelry.


Many homebuilders and real estate agents will recommend two sinks in your main bathrooms. For a master bath or a guest bath, this allows multiple people to get ready at once. One of you can wash your hands while another brushes their teeth, or the two of you can apply makeup and shave side-by-side. This saves time on busy mornings and helps you to not be working on top of each other!

Lighting & power

Both natural and artificial light is a must in any bathroom! Natural light through frosted or shaded windows provides a comfortable and bright feel and installed lighting highlights the important areas of the bathroom, such as over a sink, near dark closets, or in the shower or tub. Sink lighting should be angled from above or the sides to eliminate any shadows cast on your face while looking in the mirror. It is also important to include enough electrical outlets (safely away from the bath) to plug in hair dryers, curlers, toothbrushes, or even to charge up electronics.


Proper ventilation will extend the life of your bathroom by venting warm, moist air outside. This prevents the moisture from building up between tiles, on paint, around wallpaper, and on fixtures. It also makes the bathroom more comfortable by cooling the room down after a hot shower  and helping to de-fog mirrors more quickly.

Doing bathroom renovations? Buying a new house? Building your own home? Make sure you pay attention to your space, lighting, power, sinks, and ventilation. These four details can be the difference between a stress-free or rushed and crowded morning. Regent Homes is here to answer any questions you have about building the perfect bathroom and what things you should consider.

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