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3 Ways Your New Home is Less Expensive to Maintain

Posted by: Regent Homes, on June 11, 2014

New Home Efficient

When many people think of building or purchasing a new home, they can only think of the major expense it takes to create or buy it. In truth, though, a new home operates much more efficiently than older homes, which saves homeowners considerable costs in the long run. Here are three ways building a home can be cheaper to maintain:

Maintenance Costs

A new home is just that: new. Which means the HVAC, hot water heater, appliances, wiring, plumbing, roof, everything is brand new. This saves homeowners money by not having to make major replacements or renovations due to wear and tear. By being the first owner of a home, you can also take steps to preserve these home elements and extend their lifetime.

Energy & Utilities

Energy efficient appliances, heating/cooling, and windows are constantly being improved, which means new builds typically have the most up-to-date energy ratings. This efficiency translates into lower bills for gas, electricity, and water. Any homeowner – especially one living in a region with distinct seasons like hot summers and cold winters – knows how those utility bills can add up, and a new home will run much more efficiently than older builds.


Because new homes are cheaper to maintain and less likely to require major repairs, homeowners’ insurance premiums tend to be lower. Your new home is essentially less of a risk to the insurance company. This means less money paid to your insurance through escrow, which translates into lower monthly payments to your mortgage company.

The real benefit of these savings is that they are long-term. Homeowners aren’t simply saving $50 for one month; they are saving that money every month for the life of the home! Quite the incentive to consider building your own home or purchasing a new one! Contact Regent Homes about building your new home.

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